How to Block Sites in Mozilla Firefox using Add-Ons

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Do you want to block certain sites on Mozilla Firefox because you don’t want your children or siblings to visit them or simply because you don’t want to waste time on them during work hours? Add-ons are small programs which can help you get it done. These add-ons (extensions) can block sites and ads, making your surfing experience amazing.

Mozilla Firefox is able to make use of these add-ons. You can use a free third party add-on also called BlockSite. It not only blocks all the sites that have been added in its “Blacklist”, but also disables all the hyperlinks leading to the site by showing the text without the clicking functionality.

Follow these steps to get your job done:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox. Go to “Tools”, and click “Add-Ons”. Click “Get Add-Ons” followed by “Browse All Add-Ons”.
  2.  Mozilla Firefox add-ons website will open. Type “Blocksite” in search bar and press “Enter”.
  3. Click “Add to Firefox”. Add-on will take some time to load (usually 4-5 seconds).
  4. Click “Install Now”. Restart the browser when prompted.
  5. Once Mozilla Firefox is restarted, again go to “Tools”, then “Add-ons”. Click “Preferences” in Blocksite. Tick “Blacklist”, “Enable blocksite messages”, and “Enable link removal” buttons.
  6. This add-on is password protected. Enter a password after checking “Enable authentication” if you don’t want anyone to make changes in Blocksite settings.
  7. Now, click the “Add” button. Copy and paste (or simply enter) the URL of the site which you wish to block. Click “OK”.
  8. Restart Firefox.

The site is blocked.

If you want to add more sites to the list, repeat from step 7. Once you have added in the list all the sites you want to be blocked, click OK and restart Firefox. Similarly, click “Clear” if you want to delete the list.

If you have lost your blocksite password, type about:config in address  bar and hit enter. Now either reset password or clear it.

You can also import and export lists of previously blocked sites using “Import” and “Export” options in “Preferences” window. The top of the list must be [Blocksite] followed by the URLs of the blocked sites in order to be read successfully.

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