How to Download Skype Offline Installer

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Skype provides you a platform to make calls to your friends and family absolutely for free using your internet connection. Free national and international audio/video calling and instant message service of Skype is now available for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOs, Symbian and Java mobile handset.

All you need is Skype, a microphone, a web-cam (for a video call) and an internet connection. With Skype version 5 (and onwards), you can also make video conversation with your Facebook friends. Group video call is another interesting feature of Skype.

Get Skype

Skype Ltd. provides an online installer that connects to the internet to download files. An installer, basically, is partial installation software, about 1 MB in size. When you run it, the installer downloads rest of the files to complete installation. It is rather annoying because it requires both time and internet connectivity (quite a problem for dial-up users). Moreover, during installation it urges the users to install third party toolbars and some applications too.

To avoid all this, make use of Skype offline installer. Skype offline installer is a complete set up, using which you can download Skype on your computer even when your internet connection is disabled. It saves bandwidth and time because you don’t have to download additional data before installing Skype. This installer can also be used to install Skype on several computers/laptops without having to download all the data gain and again.

To download full standalone offline Skype installer, go to this link:

Download Skype Offline

Launch the offline installer by double clicking it to begin setup. A screen will appear with all the terms and conditions. Click “Accept”. In the next few steps, simply click “Next”.

Choose the language and click “I agree- install”. You can leave the checkbox “Yes, I want to install browser highlighter” unchecked. Click “Next”.

Finally click “Finish” to end the setup. Skype is ready to use. Enjoy free calls and instant message service it provides.


Remember This installer installs only the latest version of Skype. To install an older version, you will have to find some other source.

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