How to Get Wireless Internet

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With wireless internet (WLAN) you can enjoy internet browsing, playing online games and sharing stuff likes printers, consoles and files without having to carry all those confusing wires and cables. Use your network to surf wherever you want; in your living room, in your bedroom relaxing or even in your washroom. It enables you to access internet across a wide distance with a secure connection. It is convenient and easy to get, as Internet access and routers are available everywhere. Following are the things you will need to set up a wireless connection:

  1. DSL modem or Router. They convert signals of your internet connection into a wireless broadcast. Get a router with strong signals like 108 mbps or higher.
  2. An internet connection. A high speed connection is required. Ask your ISP (Internet service Provider) to provide you with a broadband technology, for example DSL or Cable connection. Up-grade to an Internet connection of a higher speed if you are using Dial-up connection because Wireless network does not work efficiently with Dial-up connections.
  3. A Computer with built-in wireless networking support. You will have to purchase a wireless network adapter if your computer does not have a built-in support.
  4. An operating system supporting wireless network. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP, install Service packs. They are not ‘required’ but they provide ease and better protection. Windows 7 supports Wireless networks completely.

Once you have got all the stuff you need, you can either contact to a service technician to come and set up wireless connection for you or you can set it up yourself by buying a self-install kit. Do whatever you want. If you choose to do this all by yourself, you will just have to follow the instructions given on the instructional manual. This manual will be provided along with the router by manufacturer or ISP. If not, you can get all the information by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Using the Ethernet cord, connect your cable modem or DSL with router. Go to your Internet browser and type Internet Protocol address a.k.a IP address in address bar. IP address will be given on the manual. Log in using password and user-name. Use the connection wizard on screen to complete the set up of wireless connection. If you are unable to follow the instructions properly, ask someone to help you.

Once you have completed the initial wireless router set-up, unplug Ethernet cord. Your wireless internet connection is ready to be used. Make sure that your Wireless connection is protected by a password, so that no one can use it without your permission.

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