How to Unblock Blocked Sites in School

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Are you tired of seeing sites blocked in school whenever you try to open them? And it’s a reality that many schools, colleges and offices block their students/workers from accessing social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Myspace etc.

It’s obvious that you can get too far on the internet from a school, a public library, an internet cafe or other public computer. I presume you don’t know yet how to browse for example on or other similar websites to keep in touch with your friends during the school hours. But when you are done with reading the methods mentioned below you won’t face such problems in school or office ever again.

1. First solution is pretty simple, Proxy Servers:

Begin by finding a free web proxy. Any internet search engine ( can direct you to an infinite number of proxy web sites. Systems Administrators add proxy sites to their block sites list all the time, but there are always new proxies opening, so there will never be a short supply. is one site which you can use to access the blocked sites. Just go to the website and write down the domain addresses (URL address) you want to go.

Another good and free proxy websites:

2. 2nd solution is by Using the IP of the Blocked Site:

If your school is getting good at blocking access even to proxy websites the second solution to access the blocked website is this:

a)      Click on start menu and type “cmd” in run command (WinXP) in case of Win7, type cmd in search bar and command prompt will be shown, just click on it to launch it.

b)      Type “ping”, you will see the IP address of Facebook.

c)       Copy the IP (

d)      Paste that IP into your internet browser and GO

e)      You should be now in Facebook home page.

3rd solution is to use online translator:

If the Public computer you are using is still not returning the required webpage after you have pasted the IP of that page then you can use the following trick to open the page.

a)      Type into the internet browser address bar: (Google Mexico)

b)      Type or any other site that you want to open and is blocked.

c)       The results will be in Spanish.

d)      Click on Facebook results link on the right on “translate”

e)      Go into the address bar (will be something like this: and modify “es” with “en”. Click ENTER.

f)       You should be able to get into Facebook or any other site you want.

Or an Alternative Method by using the same Translation Trick

a)      Begin by going to a free translation web site, such as Google’s translator, or Look for a link that says something along the lines of “web translator” or “web site translator.” (In case of Google look in the bottom of the page)

b)      Select the language you want to “translate”. You should select that you are translating from a foreign language into English. English words on the website will remain in English.

c)       Type in the URL of the web site that has been blocked by your school and click the translate button.

d)      You will arrive on a page that has the translation tools in a frame on the top of the page, with the blocked site appearing in the frame below it.

4th Solution is to use Third Party Softwares:

You can surf the blocked sites by using third party softwares. If you can install softwares in public computers then this trick is most useful as it has less chance of not working.

The most famous software right now use for unblocking purposes is “Hot Spot Shield (HSS)”. Just download its free version (You can buy the no-ad version if you want).

a)      Download and install HSS on the Computer on which you want to surf blocked sites

b)      Launch the Program and you will be able to see a blue icon in lower right corner of screen, click on it.

c)       Once clicked you will see a pop-up menu, scroll up and click on “connect”

d)      Your default browser will open a webpage asking to click on the big “Connect” button again.

e)      After clicking on it, it will be connect to its servers in few seconds and you will be able to open blocked sites.

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