How to open Notepad in Windows 8

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Anyone who installs windows 8 will feel that it’s completely different from previous windows and users will have hard time getting used to it.
Anyone who uses notepad knows how to open it in previous windows but it’s a bit different in Windows 8 due to changes in Start Menu.
Let’s says that you want to save a text file and you open the start menu but u notice that programs and sub programs menu is gone and is replaced by Start Screen.

Number of ways you can use if you don’t know anything about the new Start Screen:
•    Start the “Task manager”, than run the command prompt from there. Then just type notepad at the prompt.
•    The other way is by using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Windows Directory, system32 and double click it. (While in Explorer, set show hidden and show extensions in folder options.)

Proper ways to Open Notepad in Windows 8:
•    Move your mouse over the start button and then into the bottom left corner. This brings up the new short menu. It has from top down, Settings, Devices, Share, and Search.
•    Click the Apps button at the bottom and you get a list of all installed apps and applications in alphabetical order. And there’s notepad.
•    Once you have found it you can start it or pin it to the start page, or pin it to your task bar.
•    On the Metro Start screen, type: notepad
•    Notepad will appear on the left of your screen
•    Click Notepad to open it
Note: If you type in “note” it does not find it. You have to type in the complete name “Notepad”.

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