Stop Neighbors from Stealing Your Wi-Fi Network

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You may not care if your Wi-Fi is password-protected or not, but let me tell you, hackers can use your Wireless network to gain access to data on your computer. Moreover, if they download videos and stuff off of the internet using your Wi-Fi, it will decrease your internet speed considerably. So, securing your Wi-Fi is important. Make use of following tips for doing so:

  • Use encryption. Select the wireless security mode by enabling WPA, WEP, WPA2 or WPA2 encryptions, WPA2 being the best and strongest encryption. WEP encryption can easily be cracked using simple tools like Aircrack.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi network is password protected. Keep this in mind, if your Wi-Fi is not password protected, it is NOT illegal for your neighbors to use it. Choose a strong password for securing your network.
  •  You can alter your Wi-Fi settings in such a manner that allows access only to known devices and prevents unknown devices from connecting to Internet. It is done by using MAC address filter. Your laptop, mobile phones, tablets and all such devices have a unique MAC address. In settings, go to wireless Mac filter section and add Mac addresses of all your devices. Now, access to your Wi-Fi will only be granted to these devices. It is not an absolute solution to your problem as hackers can clone Mac address of a known device. But still you can use it to reduce risks.
  • If you don’t know the Mac address of your computer, type “ipconfig/all” in the command prompt and look for the string “Physical address”. Look the settings page for Wi-Fi Mac address of your mobile device.
  • Use daunting and intimidating SSID (network name). This will discourage Wi-Fi thieves stealing your internet. Here is a good example I came across: c:\virus.exe. Scary much? Well this is just an example. You can come up with your own scary names.

Okay, this might sound weird and a bit silly, but believe me it WORKS. At least it does for non-techie neighbors. To change SSID, go to router’s admin console and rename your device in Basic Wireless Settings.

  •  Determined hackers will try to break your encryption and password anyways. The best way to secure your Wi-Fi network is to set your router not to broadcast the SSID (your network name). Disabling SSID broadcasting makes your wireless internet invisible to devices. People who know your network’s name will be able to gain access to Wi-Fi only.

Procedure of disabling SSID is different for different routers. Check manual provided with router for instructions.
Using these instructions, you can reduce the risk of Wi-Fi theft up to 85%. If these tips are of any help to you, tell us. Share with us in comments if you have other tips to secure Wireless Network.

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